Credits Benn Flore

Synopsis Just Divorced

Loglin: After 40 years of troublesome marriages, two 60-year-old men are happily divorced but broke. Their future may only last five years. They start dating new ladies—surprisingly each others’ exes—they lie about their ages and wealth and decide to rob the Maffia to live happy ever after.

Synopsis: Outside of a courthouse, 60-year-old dull, religious Harry bumps into lively George, who like him is just divorced and broke. Harry is sad, George happy. Free at last. To save money, cheerful George persuades Harry to rent an apartment together. Harry cleans up and cooks, while George dreams about a future in great wealth. But not on his own. He starts Internet dating a new girl. Of course George and his online lady lie about their age and wealth, who doesn’t on the Internet? If they were honest and used their own names instead of Internet nicknames, then George would know it is Harry’s much too sexy ex-wife Cora who is online. Now it is only the audience who sees what is going on. From this moment they follow the second storyline. What about the ladies? Are the two ex-wives really total opposites of their former husbands? Is George’s lively ex-wife strictly religious? ‘Tjee, she looks like Harry!’ On the other hand, is Harry's ex Cora enjoy spending as much as George? Both are lying about everything on the Internet and it seems this makes them happy. The audience also sees how both women meet on an evangelism tour. Cora is the target: She can’t possibly be happy living like she does. Can she? The audience experiences how these suffering  women begin to like each other. They also, in their own way, try to create a happy last ten years. Therefore Cora persuades her Christian girlfriend to start dating as well. Under the Internet nickname ‘Angel,’ she meets the man of her dreams. Harry eagerly looking for a woman to spend his life on Bible studies and church visits. And George? Deeply in love George makes promises to live happy ever after, and rich, on a sunny island in the Caribbean. So he decides to rob the Mafia. Harry won’t steal. But as a loyal and dumb friend he will help. Next Friday they will steal the courier’s suitcase. Unfortunately it is filled with old newspapers. The Mafia robbed the Mafia before our two friends stepped in. George collapses in a nervous breakdown. Now Harry steps in. He also made promises. He booked a journey to the Vatican with his Internet Angel. And stealing from the Mafia is not stealing after all. This is justice. Bringing money back where it belongs. Into the economy. Better still, Harry will spend it in the Vatican. So, under his lead they succeed to find the swapped suitcase and now they are rich. Briefly... When a policeman appears, everything seems to be over. Luckily Harry is smart enough to hand over the case with old newspapers. With the good suitcase Harry and George rush to the airport to discover that Harry’s ex now is in make up and also sexy dressed. These two women taught each other a lot of life. Like our friends also did without noticing. Harry is much looser now. And George? Atheist George prays and thanks God he got rich.
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Roosevelt For Freedom University Award 2009, for Freedom of Speech

Book adaption: Three Religions, One Killer

A young jude flees from Worldwar II and starts exploiting television in America. Instead of fighting each other he gets help by a muslim and christian friend. The fight with his competitor with his nazi background is literally killing. High-concept playing in Amsterdam, Geneva and Boston.
The nativ edited English translation of the Dutch book, now with its 10.000+ downloads, is available at Oktober 30th.

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Benn started writing TV scetches for Dutch comedians when he was 25. At that time his first book, about popular mathematics, was published by Reed/Elsevier. In addition, Benn wrote for Business Magazines and four newspapers published his cartoons. After a thirty year period, during which he managed his own marketing & Communication agency -see he picked up writing again with his first novel ‘Drie Hoofden op een Kussen’ -published by Lemmens- which won the local University version of the Roosevelt Four Freedom Award. Benn got the award handed to him by Roosevelt’s great-grandchildren. After his five published novels short stories and a police serie were adapted into film in Italy, France and The Netherlands. A Benn Flore screenplay was finalist in the World Series of Screenwriting Los Angeles and short 'The Last Dance', directed by Daniela Giammarino was semi-finalist in Los Angeles Filmfest, in Hollywoods Scrennings Film Festival and ended as finalist in the Best Foreign Competition in Tula Russia.